Rotax 912
Rotax 912 Engine
Source: Zenith Aircraft Company

Sportaviaservice Company recommends the 80-hp Rotax 912 or the 100-hp Rotax 912S as the standard powerplant for both the STOL Trophy 2000 TT series and the 3Xtrim 450UL. The new 912 S is a 100 HP* version of the certified 81 HP 912 engine, with the same external dimensions as the standard Rotax 912.

Manufactured by Bombardier's Rotax subsidiary, the Rotax 912 is a new-generation light aircraft engine. The engine is FAA-certified in the United States (though builders of experimental aircraft typically install the non-certified model, the Rotax 912 UL). The 80-hp Rotax 912 is a lightweight, four-cylinder, four-cycle aircraft engine:

Description of Design:

  • 4-stroke, 4 cylinder horizontally opposed, spark ignition engine, one central camshaft, pushrods, OHV.
  • Liquid cooled cylinder heads, ram air-cooled cylinders
  • Dry sump forced lubrication
  • Dual breakerless, capacitor discharge ignition
  • Prop drive via reduction gear with integrated shock absorber.
  • Integrated AC generator
  • Electric Starter
  • Mechanical (engine driven) fuel pump

Technical Data

Bore: 79.5 mm. Rotax 912
Rotax 912
Stroke: 61 mm.
Displacement: 1211
Compression: 9:1
Engine Weight: 123.5 lbs..
56 kg.
DC Output: 14 V / 250 W
Carburetor: Bing (dual)
Power Rating: 80 hp (59 kW)
@ 5500 RPM
Fuel burn @ 75%: 4.3 US gph
Max. cont. RPM: 5500 rpm
Fuel: Automotive
or 100 LL Avgas

Sportaviaservice Company supplies complete firewall-forward packages for the Rotax 912 powerplant installation, including the engine, engine mount, fiberglass engine cowl, exhaust system, liquid cooling system, electrical system, propeller, all all other accessories (available only to builders of Sportaviaservice kits).

Rotax 912 Engine
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Text by Norm Goyer
Photos by Bill Fedorko

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