3Xtrim 450UL
3Xtrim 450UL Technical Data
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Basic specifications
Type certificate ULA
Length 6,87 m
Height 2,40 m
Wing span 10,03 m
Wing area 12,4 m2
Wing loading 36,29 kg/m2
SCO 1,25 m
Manoeuvre load index +4,0; -2,0
Seats side by side
Steering Twin steering
Maximal take-off weight 450 kg
Empty weight 275 kg
Useful load 175 kg
Minimal crew weight no limit
Fuel tank capacity 70 litres
Landing gear
Landing gear fixed, three wheels
Wheels 350 x 135 mm diameter, 25 bar pressure
Front wheel with spring
Front wheel control +/-15 by pedals, coupled with horizontal steering
Main suspension composite spring
Brakes hydraulic disc brakes, separate wheel braking by pedals (or optionally two-wheel braking by lever)
Rescue system
Fifth-generation ballistic rescue system BRS 5, 1200/Canister type
Maximal launch speed 235 km/h
Weight 15 kg
Time between inspections 6 years
Pilotage and navigation devices for basic version
Air speed indicator US-250 UBAK
Altimeter W 12 S
Turn and bank EZS-4
Variometer WR-10 UAAK
Compass BS-1
Radio ICOM A 200
Engine control instruments

FLYDAT -integrated indicator module containing:

  • Rotation meter
  • Hour counter
  • Cylinder head temperature meter
  • Exhaust gas temperature meter
  • Oil temperature meter
  • Oil pressure meter
  • Fuel pressure meter, fuel level indicator
  • Carburettor air temperature meter
  • Analogue tachometery
Bombardier Rotax 912 S or 912 A
Number of cylinders / strokes 4 / 4
Stroke volume 1211 cm3
Peak power (5 min.) 81 HP (59.6 kW) 5800 rpm
Maximal continuous power 79 HP (58.0 kW) 5500 rpm
Head / cylinder cooling fluid / air
Carburettors 2 constant depression
Ignition Dual breakerless capacitor discharge
Alternator none
Starter Electric
Internal gear rate 1:2.27
Fuel Euro-Super 95 DIN 51607 or Avgas100LL
TBO 1200 h
Model 3Xtrim 170 UL
Type two-blade,adjustable on ground
Propeller diameter 1,7 m
Peak power rotation speed 2550 rpm
Max. continuous power rotation speed 2420 rpm
Performance (with Rotax 912S engine)
maximal speed Vne
200 km/h
cruise (max. continuous power)
165 km/h
cruise velocity (75% power)
152 km/h
stall speed (aflap=0) Vs
68 km/h
climbing speed Vz
4.5 m/s
Take-off roll, 15 m obstacle 250 m
Range 750 km

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Text by Norm Goyer
Photos by Bill Fedorko

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