3Xtrim 450UL
3Xtrim Technical Description
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Made exclusively of composite material, basing on epoxy resins reinforced with glass and carbon fibre. Interlaced elements with foam filler or cellular structure.

Fuselage and vertical tail fin
A single structure made exclusively of composite material. The front part is additionally strengthened to protect the crew during emergency landing and to anchor the ballistic rescue system (BRS). The firewall consists of a special ceramic Fiberfrax protected by an aluminium plate.

Pilot and passenger cockpit
Very spacious with good visibility, it offers comfortable travelling even for persons as tall as 2 meters (6 ft. 6 in.). A large baggage compartment is located behind the seats., Doors opening upwards on both sides of the cockpit and supported by gas springs provide easy access. The seats are modelled in the cockpit's structure. Each seat is equipped with a 4-part safety belt. The cockpit is heated and ventilated and noise level inside is comparable with a passenger car.

Sandwich structure made of glass composite with one spar and are equipped with ailerons and slotted flaps. Left and right flaps are coupled together through a central connector.

Steering elements
Composed of a vertical tail fin as an integral part of fuselage and combined with direction steering, horizontal tail fin, and horizontal steering with trimmer. Vertical and horizontal steering are weight-adjusted. Tail fins have a laminar structure.

Main landing gear

Resilient glass composite leg with two extension arms. One wheel with hydraulic disc brakes is mounted on the end of each arm. The leg is fixed to the fuselage with two screws. The nose wheel is installed on the extension arm of composite nose leg cushioned by a rubber ring shock absorber. The dimensions of all wheels are 5.00-5.
A version with fully composite floats is planned.

Primary steering
Consisting of vertical steering, horizontal steering and ailerons. Secondary steering includes flaps, trimmer, front wheel and wheel brakes. The ailerons and vertical steering are controlled by pushing elements, the horizontal steering by cords. The trimmer is driven electrically and is coupled with an electronic position indicator. Valves are controlled manually with a lever. Castoring front wheel coupled with horizontal steering. The brake circuit of wheels consists of two independent hydraulic pumps, mounted under each pedal and activated either separately by pressing one of the pedals, or together through a single pump controlled by lever.



The aircraft is powered by Bombardier-Rotax 912S or 912A engine with an internal gear transmission. It is a four-cylinder free-suction engine with twin electronic ignition circuit. The engine has an air-liquid cooling system. The fuel used is automobile unleaded gasoline or aviation gasoline. The fuel tank holds 70 litres of petrol (15,5 gallons) and is located behind the passenger seat.

Two-blade MT 170 R 135-A2 type is used for the VLA version. The UL version has 3Xtrim 170 propeller, which is adjustable on the ground.

Electrical system
The plane is equipped with is a service-free battery of 12V, 17 Ah.

Lighting system
Position lights, flashlight, landing light, and cockpit light.

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