Il-103 Light Utility Aircraft

The Il-103 is fuel-efficient and reliable four-seat passenger aircraft that can be operated in any climatic conditions. The Il-103 can be used as passenger, light transportation or trainer aircraft. Moreover, one may operate it for air observation and patrolling roads, oil pipelines, woods, sea cost, etc.

It meets the requirements of the IAC, AR and FAA standards. The range of flight is 1,200 km. The Il-103 is developed by the Ilyushin Design Bureau.

The aircraft has excellent field-of-view characteristics and is easy to operate and maintain. The aircraft is designed for transportation of four persons and cargo, for air patrolling, primary pilot training and flights on category II local airlines, for aerobatics (with designed g-load range from -3 to +6) and for VFR flights. The aircraft is powered by the Teledyne Continental Motors-s 210 h. p. piston engine.

The aircraft has passed through certification tests carried out in accordance with AP-23 rates and rules and has got a No 89-103-type certificate of 15.02.96 and certificates No 17-PS of 07.03.96 and No OP-17-PVS of 07.04.98 approving the Il-103 production. The aircraft is adopted for operation in RF by Federal Aircraft.

Service Order No 145 of 09.07.97. The certification tests have been completed by the specialists of the Aircraft Register of the Interstate Aircraft Committee. It is recognized by USA standard certificate No A45CE.

The IL-103 with two pilots on board can execute aerobatics. The IL-103 is produced in series by Loukhovitsky Machine-Building Plant.

Technical Data
Take-off weight, kg
Payload, kg
Crew, person
Max. number of passengers
Flight speed (maximum/cruising), km/h
Flight range, km
Take-off run, m/
Landing roll, m
IO-360 ES
Power, hp

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Text by Norm Goyer
Photos by Bill Fedorko

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